What is HNA?

An association of friendly people who trace their lineage to John Huntley of Lyme, CT, 1661, Thomas Huntley, Sr. of Anson County, NC, 1770, and some whose Huntley ancestors came to this country in the 1800s

Who are John Huntley and Thomas Huntley, Sr.?

John Huntley immigrated to Roxbury, MA about 1647 and moved to the Lyme, CT area about 1661. He is the progenitor of many, but not all, Huntleys in this country. Thomas Huntley, Sr., came to Anson County, North Carolina about 1770 and is the progenitor of many Huntleys originally from the Southern part of our country.

The History of HNA

The Huntley National Association was the idea of Mr. Royce E. Huntley of Phoenix New York. Royce began writing a newsletter entitled "We, Who Are Huntleys" in 1944. After 2 issues published at his own expense Royce says, "it died of exhaustion." But in a 1946 issue, he proposed holding a reunion in Old Lyme, CT during the July 4th weekend in 1947. This reunion was held at the Rogers Lake Club House in Old Lyme, and was attended by more than 50 people.

The Purpose of HNA

Royce Huntley's original purpose in beginning the organization was to "meet nice people and make friends." Many of the members also have a strong interest in genealogy. When attending yearly reunions, the bonds of family and interest in ancestry provide a feeling of belonging and camaraderie among us all, whether we are attending for the first or forty-first time!

What are the Costs and Benefits?

Membership is only $10 a year...and you can search for ancestors and attend annual family reunions

Can I join?

The bylaws state: "All persons who by birth or marriage can trace their relationship to any Huntley or Huntly who migrated from the British Isles to North America may become voting members of this association upon payment of annual dues and upon reaching the age of eighteen."
We are always seeking new members!
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The Current Direction of HNA

HNA continues to grow and seek new members. Our reunions are held all over the United States and Canada. Some members can attend only when it is in their local area; others attend every year, using the opportunity to visit different parts of our country. We try to rotate sites from West, to East, to Midwest, as members volunteer to host reunions. Our major goal remains as it was in 1947: to "meet nice people and make friends" who have a common heritage bond.


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